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Resolutions that will help you have a truly Happy New Year

Posted by Ginkova on

We all make new year's resolutions but after few weeks, our enthusiasm falls flat and all becomes a wishful thinking. So this year I have decided to make realistic goals and actually stick to them! And along with each goal, I made a list of ideas of exactly how am I going to achieve it. So this way I have no excuses! So here are my goals for a happy 2018:


Buy less but quality
In the last few years, I have been struggling with this one and I know most of us are guilty of buying as a therapy. But this bad habit is not good for our mental state, for the environment or for our wallets. I am convinced that minimalism is one of the key ingredients for a peaceful life. And these cheap products we fill our closets with at the end cost us more. So this year I will adopt the 90% rule: I will only buy things that I like 90%. I will sleep on my decision and only then I will purchase the coveted item.  


Clear my home of unused items
This one is related to the one above. Clearing some space not only in my closets but also in my mind. We actually need very few things to be happy. And if I have things that I have not used in a year, I certainly don't need them. Last time I did a big purge like this was when I was leaving the States and oh, that felt good! With every little thing gone I felt lighter and happier. We need space for new memories, new ideas, and new quality meaningful possessions.


Socialize more
It is scientifically proven that human relationships are the number one reason for happiness. I like to be alone sometimes but people are truly the most important thing in one's life. So this year I will make an effort to have more house parties, more cozy dinners with friends, and keep in touch with all the people I love in my life. I know this sounds obvious but when we get busy we slowly stop having time for each other. And for extra points, I will pick up at least one new activity involving meeting people and hopefully be forging new friendships - swing dancing anyone? Or joining a local hiking club?


Be in the moment
Last year I lived by the motto "whatever happens" - truly accepting life as it came. And it made a huge difference for me. This year I have a new challenge - to live in the moment. Easier said than done, but I will keep this in mind and every time I catch myself drifting off into the feature and not enjoying the present I will bring myself back to this moment. Daily meditation really helps with this but we don't always have time for it so fallowing our breath is very effective for freeing the mind from stress and remembering this moment. Breath in, breath out!


Make sleep and rest a priority
We are all overworked and most of us don't get enough rest. But allowing our mind and body to rest is, in fact, a key factor for staying healthy, be more productive and the rest will just fall into place. So I will respect every weekend, every evening and listen to my body when it is tired and give it what it needs.


What are your goals for this year? How will you achieve them? Leave a comment below and let's stick to the plan!

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