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The Inspiration Behind Our California Collection

Posted by Ginkova on

I wanted to create something special. Bed sheets are a commodity item, that we don't think much about but lately I have been trying to be more mindful and fill my life with meaning. So with our California Collection, I want to tell you a story, to take you on a trip on the Pacific Coastal Highway in California. 



I spent ten years living in California and I love the state. Fantastic weather to the south with warm beaches and shady terraces, and to the north you have cool and green forests where you can enjoy nature and breath clean air. But everywhere you go life is relaxed and effortless. Literary you have it all in California and this is exactly what I thought when I first touched the fabric that was to become our California Collection - cool to the touch to keep you comfortable in those warm summer nights and ultra soft and cozy for the colder weather. 

Inspired by the cool breezy and laid back California way of life, we decided to use a unique process not usually used for bed sheets - stonewash. This makes the fabric incredibly soft and slightly wrinkled. Then each piece is individually dyed for one of kind look. What we ended up with are bedsheets that are chic and modern and at the same time effortless. 

This collection is for you, relaxed people, who are not afraid that your bed sheets are wrinkled. Grab the surfboard and let's go to the beach or let's hit the trails in one of the many national parks. Because what else are you supposed to do after a great night of sleep. 



As you travel north the nights get colder, the marine layers roll in and even in summer it can be rather cold. Our goal was to create bedding for a great night sleep no matter where you are and what the climate is - cool but never cold. Made from the highest quality long staple cotton they are breathable and super comfortable. 


I find the color palette in California quiet muted. Washed out by the strong sun in the south and covered by the fog in the north. One feels relaxed just by looking at the surroundings. And this is what inspired our first two colors - white and light gray. We called it Harbor Mist after the fog in the Bay Area. Two basic colors so you can layer your personality and style on the top of them. 

I still remember my first road trip up the Californian coast. It was a trip of a lifetime, a trip I didn't want to end. And so I am presenting you our specially designed bed sheets collection that will make you wish the night never ends.

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