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The Inspiration Behind Our Paris Collection Bed Sheets

Posted by Ginkova on

When I first touched the fabric that eventually became the Paris Sateen Collection, I thought of the famous city and its style. The delicate sheen and the incredible softness reminded me of luxury hotel bedding I have experienced in Paris. And it is not just the bedding - it is the whole city. I have traveled far and wide and yet Paris is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. From the ordinary people on the streets through the gorgeous architecture - everywhere you look there are style and beauty. 



Paris is a personal place for me - I spend 2 years there and had the pleasure of getting to know the city intimately and learn about French culture. Something very Parisian is to buy less but quality. Most Parisians have a small wardrobe with quality pieces that they cherish for years. And I somehow love this philosophy of buying. So one of my goals was to create high-quality bed linens that will delight people night after night and be loved for years to come - an investment well worth it. And for that, I chose a factory used by the luxury brands,  that can do just that - incredible craftsmanship and superb cotton fabric. I chose not to go to China because the attention and integrity are not the same as in a European factory. 



Paris is rather monochromatic - the stone-white color of the buildings outlined with the dark iron balconies. This inspired our first two colors. White and grey. Elegant and chic. Also versatile and perfect for good basic bed linen that will stay with you for years. More colors to come of course because Paris is also full of art.



And lastly, I wanted the collection to transport you to that chic cozy bedroom in a Parisian apartment where you wake up with the view of the Eifel Tower, feeling happy after a good night sleep and allowing yourself to take your breakfast in bed and start your morning slow and easy. How we start our day is so important about the kind of day we will have. "L'art de vivre" or "The art of living" - to enjoy every moment in our lives and to savor the little things. Another wonderful French philosophy. 


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