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The Story of Ginkova

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The story of Ginkova is my lifelong quest for good sleep and comfort. Like any big revelation, it took a long time to emerge in my consciousness. At the time of the events I am about to tell you, I didn't know that one day I will be making bed sheets. But life is one big adventure and we just have to flow with it. Communist Bulgaria, Hollywood, cheap hotels in South East Asia and many uncomfortable bed sheets along the way – here is my story.


I grew up in communist Bulgaria and there we had only two kinds of bubble gum – original and mint. The bed sheets were not any different – scratchy and ugly but they served a purpose. No spoiling soft coziness! We also used to put a red star on the Christmas tree which was more a New Years tree because Christmas was forbidden but this is another story.



Back to the bed sheets – I loved textiles from very early age. I used to cut up old clothing to make dresses for my dolls and for my 5th birthday my parents got me my first sewing machine. So for the next 10 years I never stopped sewing – from the doll's dresses I moved on to making my own clothes, dresses for my friends and finally, I had my first fashion show. And then a second one and by the time I graduated high school I was sure I was going to be a famous fashion designer. But fashion schools were too expensive for my family at the time and so I had to bury my dream.


Ginkova the story


One fine summer day I arrived in the USA with a suitcase and 100 dollars in my pocket. I stayed at my brother's and there was an Art College nearby. So I took a tour and the computer graphics program seemed challenging enough – starring at a computer screen for many hours on end creating magic? Sign me up! Our financial situation improved right at that time so my mom generously sponsored my education.

After I graduated I moved to Los Angeles and started working for the big studios. No, I didn't dream to work in visual effects all my life after growing up watching Star Wars. In fact, I didn't even see the movies until my final year in college – remember, only two kinds of bubble gum...there was no Star Wars in Bulgaria, only communist propaganda films.

But back to the bed sheets. Life in the movie industry is stressful and one often works late into the night and weekends too. So sleep became a luxury and not being able to get enough rest took a toll on my health and mental state. So much that one day I quit my job and left Los Angeles to travel the world – a sabbatical surely will help me rest and feel better.

But life on the road is not comfortable – cheap hotels, noise and uncomfortable beds with bed sheets that again served a purpose but nothing more. I was dreaming of a soft cozy bed where I can really rest and feel good when I wake up. I was desperate and my fatigue was getting worse so I checked in for a week at a luxury resort, with comfortable bed and pina coladas brought to me at the beach just by thinking about it. It was a revelation of how good one can feel after sleeping well and getting a proper rest. But most of us don't stay in luxury hotels and even at home, the price of good quality bed sheets is not by any means affordable. But back then I wasn't really thinking of all of this. My sabbatical ended and I went back to work.

My breaking point came one morning few years later when I woke up in my uncomfortable bed, after working 15 hour days for 2 months straight. I had enough! My life flashed before my eyes and I made the decision to end this quest for comfort and rest! (it even rhymes) Maybe I was a little delirious from being exhausted but I had a vision of a brand promoting comfort, good night sleep and helping people deal with the stress of life today. And I remembered my long forgotten love for textiles and everything just came into place!

Fatigue is the plague of this century. Most of us are overworked, under-slept and caffeinated to the brim so we can keep going. I know that change is hard and there are only 24 hours in a day – I am not going to make you feel guilty that you are not resting enough. I have been there... I am still there – doing my best one little step at a time.

So all I want to do with this blog is to remind you to be kind to yourselves and to give you some practical ideas how to ease your stress just a little bit.


So welcome to Ginkova's blog. I hope you will keep visiting, I promise it will be fun!


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