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Turning Your Bedroom Into a Sanctuary Can Help You Sleep Better

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Life is hectic and prioritizing sleep is challenging especially when we have a never-ending list of things to do. But sleeping enough is one of the most important things we can do for our health, energy levels, creativity and overall happiness. One way to help us look forward that special time when we curl up in bed and take the well-deserved rest, is turning our bedroom into a full-on relaxing spa-like sanctuary. This is how we should feel about the most important room in our home, a luxurious retreat after a long day, a celebration of ending one day and beginning the next.


relaxing sanctuary bedroom


Here are few easy ideas to transform the most neglected room in the home into the most desired. 


Make your bed in the morning
It takes discipline, it takes effort but it can increase your productivity. It also feels so nice to come home to a neat, made bed. It somehow makes the whole room look clean and relaxing.

Put everything away that you don't use every day. No piles of unfolded laundry, no dirty clothes on the floor, no dirty cups on the night stands. Clutter bombard us with excessive stimuli causing our senses to work overtime and thas making it difficult to relax. 


declutter your bedroom


Style your space
Give your bedroom some personality, make it your own which in return will make you feel more welcome and at ease there. Start by removing any mismatched bed linens, hang some art that you love, add few decorative pillows and a cozy rug, or perhaps a plant. Paint the walls in a favorite color or add a signature scent using a candle or essential oil diffuser. Make it reflect who you are and what makes you feel good. 

Go through your linen closet
Remove any old towels and bed sheets. Invest in your slumber and treat yourself to a new soft bedding - remember, these items are a part of your every-day routine, so you should feel at liberty to make the investment for sheets that you love. 


ginkova super soft bedding


Prioritise cleanliness
According to a survey conducted by The National Sleep Foundation, 75 percent of people said they get a better night’s rest when their sheets are freshly cleaned because they feel more comfortable. Not to mention your skin will thank you when you give it a clean, dust-free and odor free surface to rest night after night. So change your bed sheets at least once a week, change your pillowcases even more often. 

Remove Any Electronics From the Bedroom
I know this will be a tough one for most of us. But screens emit blue light that stimulates the brain and prevents us from sleeping well. Get an old-fashioned alarm clock and instead of watching tv in bed why not read a book. Do you bring a tv, a tablet or a phone at a spa? Most likely not. Treat your bedroom as a sanctuary, quite a special space to rest. The other sixteen hours of the day are noisy enough.

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